Comic Con Stockholm 2016 - MiniReport

This will be a short report since I only attended the event during the Sunday.

The event itself was as expected: just a big expo with nothing to see. Very boring.

The only reasons I went in the first place was to do a cosplay test as Shiro from Voltron together with Cim and Eva, and to watch the Swedish World Cosplay Summit qualifier.

The cosplay test went well. Everything fits nicely and was comfortable. There are only a few things I’ll need to fix before NärCon Winter. Walking the halls and taking selfies with our group was fun!

The WCS qualifier was amazing. I was happy to see that the quality of the performances were really high (at least compared to the Swedish standard). There were some technical difficulties, and the stage isn’t really meant for cosplay shows. To me, the winners were absolutely the right choice. Even though there were a lot of other great performances, the winners were the only ones that felt “international”. They had a style of performance I often see other countries do, but I’ve never seen been done in Sweden. This made me feel that I can proudly support Team Sweden in the next WCS.

In summary: Cosplay is fun. WCS is cool. ComicCon is boring. One day was enough.