ConFusion 2012

ConFusion… what shall I say about ConFusion?

It was my first year at this con. I had heard very good things about it, so my expectations were high. ConFusion was held 7-9 December 2012 at "Världskulturmuseet" (Museum for World History) in Gothenburg.

I arrived in Gothenburg at 10 am, met up with Jenny (Brainshake) and arrived at the convention 30 minutes later. Jenny had a VIP pass, so she went straight inside, while I had to stand in line. The line was quite short; my guess is that a lot of people were late due to problem with late trains due to the cold weather. It was very cold in the line, it was nothing ConFusion could do anything about, but a cup of warm chocolate would have been nice.

As soon as I got in I met up with Jenny again, she had already changed into her cosplay. We immediately began to put on my cosplay. As you may or may not know, my Shiek takes a lot of time to put on alone, and even with Jenny’s help it took 1h15min. Almost just in time for our photoshoot (my Sheik and Jenny’s Zero Suit Samus, outside in the snow).

We had planned for this photoshoot for almost one and a half year. It was very fun, and very cold. We took some shots, went inside to regain some heat, and then back out again. We also got warm chocolate, and that helped a lot. I’m a bit nervous about the result, it’s hard to pose as Sheik; she’s impossible agile. After the shoot I changed back to civil clothes. The photoshoot was the only thing I had planned for this convention.

I spent the rest of ConFusion wandering around, talking to people I knew, and getting to know new people.

I spent most of the con with Jenny (Brainshake), Filip (tech-organizer) or Lovisa and Magda (and their friends). I also spent some time with an awesome Vincent cosplayer (he later won first prize in the props category for his gun) and the "Homestuck mob" (especially the Equius cosplayer)

Ohh! And I shook hands with VändettA! *fanboi*

I’m now leaving ConFusion full of motivation to build cosplays, I have made a lot of plans for future cons and I hope I can complete them all.

ConFusion was smaller than I first believed it would be, and there were a lot of times when I was very bored. The cosplay competition had high quality, even though the quantity was mediocre. In the end, ConFusion was, for me, mostly about getting to know new people and planning for future cons. I’m glad I went.


My current list of future Cosplay Plans:
NärCon Vinter 2013
- One of the Midnight Crew members (Homestuck) with the Equius cosplayer and a friend of his (we still need the last member)
NärCon Summer 2013
- Sheik (a Zelda group for NC2013 started to form at ConFusion and they was trying to get in contact with “the Sheik cosplayer they saw the first day” (me))
- Sailor Jupiter (Magda want to see my crossplay "live")
- Armoured MewTwo (my main cosplay, I want to enter the competition with it)
We’ll see how many of these will be realized.