ConFusion 2016

ConFusion is back, and I’m happy!

The disaster that was ConFusion 2014 was so strong that there was no ConFusion in 2015. But now they are back. They moved back into their old venue and focused on building up their reputation again. It felt like they were saying “We know we screwed up last time; we are sorry, let us show you that we still know how to organize a convention”. And I would say they succeeded.

There were a lot of great lectures, something I feel ConFusion should continue to focus on (I finally got to see Kim’s lecture on Swedish convention history!). The guests were all interesting and fun, I have never before been at a convention were I knew who all the guests were and wanted to see them on stage (Annelie Bhagavan brought nostalgia, KAJpop really brightened the mood, and Hatsune Miku was an artist I never thought I would see “live”). On popular demand, they organized a viewing of the Eurovision Song Contest in the movie hall, and it filled the room! The sleeping halls were a lot better this year, they were a lot less crowded, everything went smoothly, and we were even allowed us to store our luggage in the sleeping hall building during the last day which is genius!

Last but not least; the shows was very entertaining and fun. The skits never let me down; it was a pleasure to watch the Opening Ceremony, the Cosplay Competition(s), and the Closing Ceremony. The cosplay competition felt well organized and was very entertaining to watch. It was great to see that the contestants in the championship qualifier really put a lot of effort into their performances.

Some downsides however: Even though we were back in the old venue, it still has its old problems regarding being too open and never really quiet. And those god damn stairs! (Luckily they opened up the elevators for everyone, and not just staff).

I also missed people. Sure, the convention wasn’t empty, but it felt like there were less people there compared to last time they used this venue. Almost everyone I know either wasn’t there, worked as staff, or hung out in the staff/VIP-lounge where I wasn’t allowed. I think this was mostly due to how bad the last ConFusion was, and I hope it won’t be a problem next year now that ConFusion has shown they are back on track.

I didn’t bring a cosplay, but I did bring my camera and flycam-rig. I shot a lot of video of cosplayers, and I hope to make a new convention music video (it’s been four years since my last one).

It made me happy to see that ConFusion really listened to the critique, and the show entertainment made me optimistic to see a comeback of good cosplay skits.

Score: 4/5
ConFusion is back!