ConFusion 2018

ConFusion has continued to establish themselves as a "lecture heavy" convention for a slightly older audience, and I really like that. It fills a niche we don't otherwise see in the Swedish convention scene.

These are the lectures I attended.

"Tävla i Cosplay" (Compete in cosplay) with Cookielicious Cosplay. She has so much energy and personality. It was a joy to listen to her, and I learned a thing or two.

"Performance 101" with Babbel Cosplay. It was interesting to get his perspective as an actor, especially since I have a different perspective and priorities. I learned a lot.

"Konventshistoria" (Convention history) with Kim Synnerborn. A reprise and extended version of his lecture from two years ago, with a brighter look on the future. It inspired me to go to conventions I haven't been to before.

"Vampyr" (Vampire) with Riksteatern. I'm not that into vampires, but the person from Riksteatern really knew what he was talking about and made it interesting to listen to.

"Konventslivet: Att leva med utanförskap" (Convention life: To live with alienation) with Kim Synnerborn. A very important lecture, and I could see myself in a lot of what Kim talked about.

Apart from lectures I also attended the opening ceremony, the cosplay show, and the closing ceremony.

The opening ceremony was really good. It started with an act inspired by The Greatest Showman that really got the audience attention and excitement. Then it had a fun cosplay skit with Kakan (Cookielicious Cosplay): a Disney-medley with re-written text that created a feeling of community and togetherness. It ended with a K-Pop dance, I'm not that into dances, but there were some in the audience that went crazy from excitement, so at least it pleased someone. And throughout the opening ceremony we got bad (amazing) puns related to a traffic cone. The hosts had an entertaining chemistry, it might not have been super professional, but it was fun and felt real. The whole show was a good example of how to do an opening ceremony, it was fun, informative, and generated excitement.

The cosplay show was alright, nothing to complain about (apart from the lack of cosplay skits). My personal favorites were Present Mic (so much energy!), Vash the Stampede (very funny, established the character very well), and the person with the Banjo-like instrument (it really sucked me into the performance, when it ended I was thrown back and couldn't believe I was at a convention, an amazing (but strange) feeling).

The closing ceremony was quite standard. An award ceremony and some closing words. I liked that everyone got a note with a nice message (I got "You are important"), it made me slightly teary-eyed.

That's the only scheduled things I attended. But I also cosplayed for the first time in half a year. Before the con I had started to lose interest in cosplay, it didn't feel that exciting anymore. But when I cosplayed at ConFusion it all came back to me. To be recognized, be photographed, take shipping-selfies, and to feel cool and good-looking was a real boost. Now I have multiple cosplays I want to make.

As with all cons, spending time with friends is always nice, and to make new friends is extra so. And I felt like one of the main downsides with ConFusion is that if you ever get any downtime then the con gets boring quite fast. You always need something to do, lectures and shows are great for this, but just sitting down and talking with people is the real glue that holds the convention experience together.