DinoCon 01

DinoCon 01, a small convention in Västerås, 28 April to 1 May, was the start of the convention season of this summer. It was fun to meet people again, and after this convention, I started to realize why people say they go to conventions “to meet people”. Because honestly, there wasn’t a lot to do. DinoCon had the regular rooms with videogames, karaoke, small crafting and shops. But then what? Originally, they didn’t even have a cosplay competition. I spent the time by socializing with old and new friends, so I didn’t really have a dead boring moment, even though it occasionally felt like the convention had fallen asleep. Had this been my first convention, then I don’t think I would continue with this hobby. The planning was ridiculously bad, especially in the sleeping halls. They were supposed to be open 19-12, but in reality they were open 21-09, which was really annoying since the baggage room was open 09-21, so lines were forming to the baggage room to be have time to get all sleeping gear, without having to carry it for too long. Despite this, I was able to gather some highlights:

As I said, it was my old and new friends that made it worth going. A “shout-out” and thank you to Johanna, Filip, Hanna, Sofie and the cute Sailor Moon cosplayer.

I cosplayed Sailor Jupiter, both in and outside the cosplay competition. Since DinoCon didn’t have a cosplay competition, the guest convention KawaiiCon held one instead. My cosplay was very popular, and it had a better fit now than it had at YoiCon. It was so popular that I came in shared second place in "Audience Choice", together with my new friend Sofie (Kirin Armor from Monster Hunter). A second cosplay-highlight was that I found a very cute Sailor Moon cosplayer. We posed together and gathered quite few photographers, and outside the cosplay, I talked some with her and her older sisters(?).

This is somewhat of a ego trip for myself. There was some "profiles"/"celebrities"/"everyone knows who they are" at DinoCon, like Shookie Monster. I talked some with the main organizer Rachi, and she put me in the same category when she said something like "/.../we have both you and Shookie Monster". That was a great ego boost.

The Doppelganger
For some conventions now, people have mistaken me for someone else, and they claim to have seen me at conventions I haven’t visited. At DinoCon, I finally met my doppelganger. At a distance, and if you don’t know there is two of us, then I can understand why people mistakes us.

Over all, DinoCon:01 was a quite eventless convention. I have realized that I’m not a small-convention-person; I prefer larger conventions, like UppCon and NärCon.
Score: 2/5