KultCon 2013

This was my first KultCon. I’ve heard that it’s grown and is attracting some profile cosplayers, so I decided to give it a try to see if it’s worth to invest cosplay-time in KultCon in the future.

The week before the con, I won a VIP-ticket, which gave me staff-access to all parts of the convention. Meaning I could sleep in the staff sleeping hall, use the staff lounge, and stay after the convention closed. I was also allowed to cut in line, and received a goodie bag and a staff t-shirt.

The convention itself was quite dull, not much happened, and there was a general feeling that none of the organizers or staff took anything very serious. The hours for the showers in the sleeping hall were so bad I had to take a "shower" in the washbasin.

The only thing worth mentioning is the cosplay related activities; the Cosplay Chess organized by CBG, and the Cosplay Competition. The chess was okay, much improvised, but a bit short.

The Cosplay Competition did two things to stand out from all other competitions I’ve seen/been part of.
1: The judges took their time to talk to all of the cosplayers before the competition; everyone got a chance to show parts of the costume that a regular stage walk-on won’t show. KultCon deserves a lot of credit for this and I hope that all other Swedish conventions *cough*NärCon*cough* start doing this as well. The judges are there to judge, so I see no excuse for them not to talk to all the cosplayers.
2: KultCon was the first con to introduce performance as a part of the regular competition (CosplaySM and NCC have already done this, but not everyone can be part of those). It’s a step in the right direction for Swedish cosplay, but I got a feeling that not everyone knew the difference between a skit and a stage performance.

But what really did the convention for me was the people I met.
Mats and Ron, it’s always fun to talk about cosplay with them. I have several new cosplay ideas thanks to them. And congratulations to Ron for winning Best Craftsmanship.
Evelina did an awesome Joffrey Baratheon and it was nice talking to her.
Grethe (she did the unarmored MewTwo at NärCon) held two panels that gave me something to think about regarding how I am as a cosplayer and as a fan. It was fun to talk to her, even though she had quite a busy schedule.
Kim Synnerborn, during the closing of the con the last day, we talked about conventions, anime, and the future of Swedish cosplay. I wish I had found him earlier; it would have made my convention experience less dull.

As a final note, I would like to give a shout out to T-Rex Gymnastics who did a good job with the opening ceremony skit. They are different from all the dance groups, they have earned their place on stage (unlike a certain other group). They are great actors, voice actors, singers, and dancers. T-Rex Gymnastics is the fresh wind Swedish cosplay need.

The people were awesome, but the convention itself didn’t feel very serious.