KultCon 2014

KultCon has become my yearly "networking"-con. This is where I meet, get to know, and have fun with awesome people. I have also gained a lot of self insight. I have always felt like a big noob and wannabe cosplayer, and the fact that I’ve never won anything has enforced this feeling. But during KultCon I learned that there are people who actually think my cosplays are awesome. I talked with a friend about hierarchy within the cosplay community and this made me realize that I have climbed the hierarchy without knowing it. When I stated with cosplay there were people I looked up to, yes even idolized. Today I hang out with these people at conventions and can talk to them without feeling intrusive. Sure, there are still people I look up to (I’m a huge VändettA-fan).
Anyhow, let’s talk about KultCon, or more specifically the two events I partook in.

Cosplay Chess
The Cosplay Chess introduced a new feature to the chess: a digital representation of the chessboard displayed on a big screen. This software is inspired by Anime Boston’s chess event, and programmed and operated by yours truly. The program made the audience more engaged, they discussed among themselves what the next move should be; the concept worked. Unfortunately the program stopped working for some mysterious reason; I could not move any pieces any more. There was nothing I could do but turn it off. I was really angry with myself for this. But at least we know that the concept work and I will make sure to have a much more stable version for NärCon.

Cosplay competition
KultCon puts a lot of focus on their cosplay competition. It’s the main event of the entire con. I didn’t enter the competition because I don’t have a competition worthy cosplay that isn’t in pieces. When I look at a cosplay competition as a regular visitor I always make my own list of who I think should win each price. I have the disadvantage that I don’t have the same access to the cosplayers as the real judges do, but I try to compile the list anyway. This time I wasn’t that far off. I had Best Prop, and Best Skit correct, and two of the other winners where on my list but on the "wrong" place.
As a side note, the person who won Audience Choice cried of happiness, and continued to cry for several hours. It was heartwarming to see someone so happy for winning. Congratulations!

I was never bored, which is a first. This was mostly due to all the people I talked to.
Personal experience: 5/5

The convention itself felt a bit chaotic (but less so than last year), and everything was late.
The convention: 3/5