NärCon Winter 2014

The convention itself was okay, much better than last year. The check-in-queue worked fine and we could queue indoors. The new system with QR-codes made the check-in a lot faster. There were also more places for food this year and there more "foody" food (not only sugar and candy). The stage was moved into the gymnasium, now there was space for everyone. Overall it felt like all parts of the convention worked fine. The only thing I can complain about it the cleaning, especially of the toilets.

I spent most of the convention in either the Cosplay Workshop, or at Cosplay Board Games, talking to the people I got to know during Cosplay SM 2014. I also tried the Oculus Rift (so cool!), looked at some matches of Hearthstone, and watched the QnA-panel with the Japanese cosplayer and Guest of Honour: Reika.

The main event I attended was of course the cosplay competition. Two weeks before the con, I realized that I had a cosplay pass, so I thought "why not" and brought my very first cosplay (Sheik) to compete with just for fun. I didn’t feel nervous at all, probably because I didn’t take it so serious. The competition itself felt well organized. I was number 5; I did my thing on stage and was done. I left to change as soon as I could after the competition.

Sheik is my very first cosplay, and for this con I had barely changed anything. It took a very long time to put on, and things started to break due to old age. It will need a big overhaul if I ever wear it again. I didn’t expect to win anything, and I didn’t. But I heard from one of the judges that Reika liked my cosplay, so I’m happy. The fact that I used real leather and real metal impressed them, but it wasn’t enough, and I understand that; the cosplay was my very first, and is after all four years old.

I am starting to notice a trend in what I do at conventions. The only events I’m interested in are the cosplay competitions, and apart from them I just talk to people I know (mostly other cosplayers). That’s it. I wonder why.