NärCon X

4-7 August 2011, Linköping University

I begin my NärCon experience by wearing one heavy and one large cosplay to the convention. The Tetris-piece also had to be disassembled so that I could get on the train. Once in the queue I put it back together again. After I checked in, I got the help by Jackie and a random to carry Tetris to the sleeping hall (which was a bit too far away). When I came back from the sleeping hall, I see a Sheik, we talk a bit and I give her my number. During the rest of the day I meet and picked up randoms and got to know them. We started as two, went quickly to three and then to seven. We walked around the convention and oriented ourselves, so we knew where everything was.

When I wake in the morning I discover that someone put his bag on my Tetris-block, it was completely destroyed. I was quite angry. At the convention I found a cosplay-chess where I hang out most of the day. I was promoted to cameraman and then to VIP. I recorded the first chess. Then I rushed off to see the Vic Mignogna. One of its many highlights was to talk to him. Then I managed to catch the "Ouran High School Host Club", I asked for 10 seconds; Kyouya arranged several minutes of shooting outdoors. The whole "Host Club" was incredibly beautiful and wonderful in-character. When I had what I wanted I went back to the second cosplay-chess. I finish the day by preparing my cosplay for the morning.

I cosplayed Sheik most of the day. As usual, it took 1.5 hours to put on everything. However, on four occasions, I had to go back and fix my wig as it always wanted to untangle. At the convention I found the second Sheik pretty quickly. We were talking and posing together for a while until it was time for me to go to my photo shoot. I had signed up for cosplay-photography with "Roboman". It was the first time I was photographed this way by a professional photographer, and it was great fun; another highlight of the convention. After the photo shoot I found Rosie (the second Sheik) again and we spend most of the evening together (third highlight), beginning with the cosplay-show. It had varying quality, but Norrland Cosplayfront was amazing as usual. Then we started walking in the cosplay-parade, but stopped because our feet could not handle it. We played a little SSBB (both as Sheik, it didn’t go so well for either of us). Finally, we went and had a small photo shoot where we played around a bit in the trees and among rocks. Then we changed into civilian clothes. Late at night everyone got free cake.

The last day consisted mostly of packing, talk with new friends and then go home. The trip home was filled with problems, but I came home eventually.

The entire convention was awesome and I had so much more fun than I had at UppCon. It was a much more relaxed atmosphere and I found many new friends. I give NärCon:X 5 / 5