UppCon 11

My first convention and I'm blown away. Such feelings, such atmosphere and such great cosplayers.

Time and place:
UppCon 11 were held at the Uppsala Concert and Congress Center (UKK) and on Vaksala Square, where even the public had access on Sunday. The Convention lasted for three days 3-5 June 2011.

UKK is centrally located in Uppsala, with short walking distance to the Central Station.

With UKKs central location you had all of Uppsala center to find something to eat (for example, the ICA at the Mall across the street for those who want food fast and relatively inexpensive). There were even some food sales inside the convention area, however I never tested them.

New for this year was that we could retrieve our convention bands up to two days before the convention. I got mine on Wednesday. So for us who got them earlier it didn’t take long to get in. After some delay (which was not unusual during the convention), I came in after 10 minutes. I stood approximately in the middle of the line.
Then it was time for the luggage line. It was terribly long and slow. Luckily, I stayed at the Hotel “Park Inn”, so I kept my luggage there.
It was also new for this year with seat tickets to major events. I had seat tickets for both the Opening- and Closing-Ceremony. This was very convenient.
To summarize the queues: If you got the contention band in advance, staying in hotels and bought seat tickets, the lines were almost non-existent. Otherwise there will be a nightmare for you.

There was plenty to do on UppCon 11, however, the schedule was not particularly well organized with several conflicts. Furthermore it was almost all delayed and postponed, which meant that one could not rely on the schedule anymore. Staff was also poor to announce these schedule changes.
However, the events I attended were just fantastic, especially the opening- and closing-ceremonies. I even went to two different cosplay-lectures. One on wig styling and one on costume production with unconventional materials.

There were a lot of cosplay, and several of them were very good. Especially on Saturday which was the big cosplay day. I participated in the cosplay competition with Sheik. The organization around this was a little chaotic. Rehearsal at 9:00, Competition Photo at 11:00 (which went completely to hell) and then we should be back stage at 17:00. The stage appearance was nervous, and then suddenly it was over.
Otherwise it was very fun to walk around UKK and on the square in my cosplay. I could not go anywhere without being stopped for a picture or a hug. Definitely the best thing about the entire convention.

I give UppCon 11 a score of 4/5. A magical and epic experience for my first convention. However, with planning mistakes, poor communication from staff and "broken" escalators