YoiCon 03

This weekend I have been on YoiCon 03, a small convention in Karlstad. My third convention in general, and my first smaller. The Convention's size (about 150 persons, including crew) made that it got a bit of an "everybody knows everybody" feel. Although there was always something to do on the schedule (which, by the way, was quite timely), it was not always that I could find something that suited me. During these dead times, it was good that "everybody knows everybody" and it is one of the many things I like about con-goers, I sat down with someone and started talking. One activity that I participated in was "How Many Dragons", where you could find pictures of dragons around the convention. Had I not happened to count the same dragon twice, I would have had a perfect score. Despite this, I won the contest and went home with a soft-dragon.

This was also the convention where I debuted and "test drove" my cosplay Sailor Jupiter. I got some much needed help from Rosie, Erika and Jessica. To crossplay was really fun. In particular, all eyes and all the positive comments. I heard that the organizers considered if they would force me into the contest, but they never took the opportunity to ask. Had they asked, I would have accepted. Was also told that those who participated in the competition were surprised when they didn’t see me at the rehearsal. In general, there were many who said that if I had participated in the contest, I would have won. Other things that were said was that I had very long and nice legs, I walked very well in high heels and it were some who mistook me for a girl. The following day, when I was a civilian again, I talked with the people I talked to as Jupiter and they did not recognize me :)

Clearly one of my best cosplay experiences.
Till next time I wear Sailor Jupiter (MeuwCon) I have to extend the skirt (or attach it further down), and making the wig larger (has a red stripe on the forehead which is not likely disappear for a while), getting new / better make-up and possibly make the breasts more realistic.

Last but not least, I want to mention my (new and old) friends who were with me on YoiCon, and who did time fun; Rosie, Erika, Jessica and Eli.

YoiCon get a weak 3/5.
Would have been a 2, but my cosplay and my friends raised the rating one step