Power a Arduino Mini 5 from a 9v battery

This is the second part of my Arduino Mini tutorials.
Part 1: Upload a sketch to Arduino Mini 5 through Arduino UNO rev.3


So you have successfully uploaded a sketch to your Arduino Mini 5, now you want to disconnect it from your UNO and incorporate it into your cosplay. For this you’ll need to provide power to the Mini.


I assume you have done Part 1 of my tutorial.

Extra hardware

One 9V battery
One 9V battery contact (optional)

Step 1

Disconnect the Mini from the UNO

Step 2


Mini R -> Mini 5V
Mini GND -> Battery -
Mini 9V -> Battery +
Mini 13 -> LED Anode (optional)
LED Cathode -> Mini GND (optional)

Step 3

That’s it! Your Mini should now be powered and have started executing the uploaded sketch.
You may want to add an on/off switch between the Battery and the Mini.