Male to Female Crossplay Tips

Here I will share some of the things I've learned about MtF Crossplay. This is in no way a complete list, and I do not know everything, this is just things that have worked for me.


The easiest way to create breasts is to get a bra and stuff it.

When selecting a bra, I recommend something padded (thicker cloth) so that the bra will provide the shape and texture and not give away that you stuffed it. An underwire is also recommended as it will make sure that your stuffing won’t fall out. Finally, if the character let you chose, try to go for either a full- or demi-cup shape.
As for bra size, you only have to take the number part in consideration (the measurement around your chest, do some googling for how to get this measurement). The letter part is entirely up to you and the character.

Great, you've got your bra. Now it's time to give you breasts.
First if all: shave! If you are going to show any skin, please shave.

The easiest and cheapest way to create breasts is to stuff your bra with toilet paper. This works fine if your entire chest will be covered and you only want to get the shape. Note that toilet paper won’t be heavy enough to give you any "physics" effects, and it will give you away if someone touches you. But it is a great budget option for non-moving visuals.

If you want to add a little weight to your breast, but still stay on a low budget, you can add water filled balloons. The balloons will give weight, while the toilet paper will give shape. The main downside with balloons is that they can burst.

If you have the budget for it I recommend you to invest in some real breast forms. They will give you the weight, shape, and touch of real breasts, and they are very easy to use.
I bought mine from ebay (unfortunately the seller does no longer exist, but do a search for "breast forms" and you should find plenty of options), just be careful when selecting size. The letter in the size chart does not necessary correspond to your bra letter, use the actual measurement of the forms when deciding what to buy.


Creating cleavage is a bit tricky, but it is not impossible. This is the technique I found to work.

First you need to be really clean shaven, a body groomer won’t be enough. And while you’re at it, make sure your chest is clean and dry.

Then use NuBra, FreeBra, or similar to press your chest together. Here is a tutorial. Use a bra over this to give it support. You can get a great cleavage this way, but the bigger the cleavage the harder it will be to move without the NuBra coming undone. I recommend that you sacrifice some of the cleavage for the ability to move (the cleavage will still look great after the next step).
You can of course use your breast forms/padding in combination with the cleavage.

Now that you have your cleavage in place, it’s time to enhance it. I highly recommend that you follow this tutorial for how to use makeup to enhance your cleavage.

If you really want to go all out on breasts and cleavage, then it is possible to create your own latex chest based on a cast of your own body. You'll have to do your own research on this though. Or if you have the money you can buy one of these.

Another technique that has become popular lately is to create completely fake breasts using foam, fabric, and latex. Here is a tutorial for this.


To give you a more female body shape you should use a corset if the character design allows it. The corset will slim your waist and make your breasts and hips look slightly larger. Any corset should do, but I recommend you to get an underbust corset, just so the corset won’t limit your breasts.

When putting on the corset, you should put it a little higher than your own waist. This is because the female waist is higher than the male waist, and a too low waist will make your back look unnaturally long. Also, if you are in pain when putting on the corset then you're doing it wrong.


One of the main giveaways in crossplay (both MtF and FtM) are the hips. If your character design allows it, always pad your hips, it doesn't have to be much, but there should be something.

It is very easy to create your own hips pads using foam. Here is a tutorial.
You can experiment with thickness and sizes to create the hips/butt you want.
Have your character design in mind when making your hips; you do not want the pads to show. It is possible to have short skirts with these pads if you don't let them run down your legs for too long (the pads should stop a few centimeters before the skirt edge). If you on the other hand have full coverage (like pants, or a long skirt/dress) then you can go all out if you'd like.
You can make the pads stay in place using pantyhose that you have cut the legs of.

If you don’t want to bother with creating foam hip pads, or if you find it cumbersome to get them to stay and not show under the skirt, then you can get a pair of padded panties. I recommend something that is padded both in the rear and the on the sides. Like this one.


This step is not always needed, it all depends on your character design. If the character has tight or revealing clothes or short skirts I strongly recommend to tuck your genitals. Here is a tutorial.

When tucking, you must shave all pubic hair, or the tape won’t stick. I recommend that you use a wide tape (I use Leukoplast 5cm*5m (Red container), available at the pharmacy) because it spreads the pressure and get a better contact area. Do not tape the tip of the penis, it will hurt like hell, and you won’t be able to use the bathroom in costume if you do. I also recommend that you use pantiliner so smooth out the tucking, and then tight non-stretchy panties to hold everything in place.

Another way to hide your genitals is to use several tight fitting underwear on top of each other. This will hide the worst bulge. Use this if you’re not comfortable using tape.


Some characters have long beautiful legs. The easiest way to achieve this is to shave, use pantyhose, and (if the character design allows it) heels. I also soften up my legs with body lotion.
Use heels even if you’re already tall, because the heels will give you the correct posture, and will create an optical illusion of that it's the heels that makes you tall, not your natural length.
When using heels, take a few days to learn how to walk in them. I'm sure you can find YouTube tutorials for this.


The only thing I have to say about arms it to shave them. Shave your arms and armpits.


When shaving there are a few ways to do it. I use a Philips Bodygroomer because it's easy, fast, and it doesn't make my skin go all spotty and red. You could also use normal razors, but then you have to be a bit more careful so you don't cut yourself, and they are more prone to give you red spots. And I'm sure you could wax, but I've not personally done it.

Shaving takes a while, especially if it's your first shave in a while. I usually shave one body part á day before the con until I'm done, and then just keep it clean and short during the con.

If you use a NuBra/FreeBra and makeup to create your cleavage, then you will need a really close shave. A body groomer won’t be enough here, so you will need to use a razor.


This will make or break your crossplay, and unfortunately makeup is something I don't know anything about. You'll have to look elsewhere for information on this.